Shipment of your order

Customer can choose shipping service between the available choices. Items are stored in WRS warehouse. In order to improve its service, WRS is partner of the following couriers:

Delivery WRS

Parcel insurance

Parcel insurance is optional. If not required, seller should not be considered responsible for any damage or loss happened to the parcel. Shipment will travel under buyer's responsibility and seller will be free from any obligation as soon as it is delivered to the courier.

Shipping charges

Shipping charges will be determined automatically during checkout and they will be based on parcel's weight and shipment service.


Customer must check parcel's integrity right after courier delivery:
Number of items must be the same as stated on delivery paperwork;
external package must be not damaged - We use custom WRS tape to ensure best quality service.

If customer notes any problem , he must refuse shipment by mark the courier's receipt with " RESERVE " or "GOODS UNCHECKED"(specifying the motivation). Customer should then get in touch with WRS stating the problems.

In case of undeliverable parcels due to customer non-reperibility or other issues not directly depending on WRS responsibility, parcel could be sent back to WRS. In this case, customer will have to pay again freight cost.

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